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  1. Rabbi Yosi Gordon says:

    I have had the honor to officiate at many brit milah ceremonies with Dr. Radovsky. I have never seen a gentler, more skilled, more spiritual mohel or mohelet than Laurie. As a mother herself, she understands exactly what is needed to care for the baby and make parents, grandparents, all involved, comfortable and inspired by the ceremony. She is more than an expert: she is a spiritual guide throughout this transformative experience.

  2. The Mrotz Family says:

    Laurie was our son’s mohelet, and the entire process was a wonderful experience.

    From our initial meeting, Laurie worked with us to alleviate our anxiety about the event and to create a ceremony that was accessible to and inclusive of both the Jewish and non-Jewish members of our family.

    Laurie is a true professional and also a mother, her warmth and wisdom are evident, and were we to have another son, we would welcome her again.

  3. Elisabeth Rutman says:

    My family was undergoing a very difficult time in our lives when we contacted Laurie about our Son’s Bris.
    Medically we were going through a lot, and we ended up having to reschedule the Bris because of this.
    Laurie was so patient with us, and actually took the time to come by and do some of the prayers in our home while my brother, who is my Son’s Godfather, was in town.
    She then came again to do the complete ceremony with our in town family and friends.
    She is a very warm and gentle person, who makes the process so comfortable, the anxieties and nerves I might have had were gone once the ceremony got started.
    I would highly recommend her to any family.

  4. Our family could not have asked for a more perfect fit, than to have Dr. Radovsky as our grandson’s Mohelet. She added spirituality and sensitivity to help create a meaningful Brit Milah ceremony. In addition, she worked harmoniously with our clergy at Beth El Synogogue.
    Laurie is a very special lady, we were honored by her presence and privileged by her experience.

  5. Dr Laurie Radovsky is highly skilled as physician, as mohelet, and as someone deeply committed to Jewish tradition. All of those come together in the way she performs the bris, preparing the parents and letting them know what to expect, conducting a really meaningful ritual service, and caring for the baby carefully. When she snipped, our baby did not cry. She even met us later that evening to check on how everything was healing, and guiding us on aftercare. We could not hope for more and we recommend her highly.

  6. Debbie Bolton says:

    Our family had the privilege of our baby’s Bris being facilitated by Dr. Laurie today. Not only is she medically competent, she is such a gentle, loving woman! The entire process was guided with care and support. She was thorough, gentle, prepared, professional, and provided a wealth of information that was readily understandable. I know a circumcision can potentially be stressful for the parents and baby, yet with her calm gentle approach, I would say it was an amazing experience!!! It really made for a most fantastic celebration! We are so grateful!
    With gratitude, Debbie Bolton (Rami’s grandmother)

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