For Whom Will I Perform Brit Milah?

I perform Brit Milah according to the Conservative movement definition of who is Jewish. If the baby’s mother is Jewish (by birth or conversion), the baby is Jewish, and I can perform the ceremony.  If the mother is not Jewish, I can perform it if the couple intends to convert the child.  While respecting the Reform position that the child is Jewish if either parent is, as a Conservative mohelet I cannot participate in these ceremonies.  I would be happy to refer you to a Reform mohel for whom this is not an issue.  If you intend to convert your son, I will provide you with a certificate that states that his circumcision was done “l’shem gerut,” for the purpose of conversion. This certificate is used as part of the conversion process.  Every mohel has his or her own opinion of the circumstances under which Brit Milah can be performed. I encourage you to call me and discuss this over the phone.  I will do my best to accommodate you and your situation.

I have worked with all of the Conservative and Reform congregations in the Twin Cities as well as congregations in Rochester, MN and Eau Claire, WI.  I welcome inquiries from all branches of Judaism.

While some mohalim perform ceremonies similar to Brit Milah for non-Jewish families, I have chosen not to do so.  I am not aware of any mohalim in the Twin Cities who do so.